New Stihl X-FLEX Chainsaw Trousers

The working environment can be demanding at times, and you need clothing that can handle it. Luckily, the STIHL ADVANCE series is up to the challenge! After extensive research and development, the popular HI-FLEX clothing has been replaced with Stihl New ADVANCE range – which is better in every way.

The Stihl X-Flex chainsaw trousers are more breathable which is critical when you’re putting in a solid day’s shift. Who really wants to be wishing you’d packed some talc in amongst your tools? Nope, didn’t think so!

Whilst they’re letting the moisture out, it’s important you stay dry from the outside elements too. Amazingly, this new range also offers better waterproofing and increased robustness, whilst being comfortable to move in. This is all thanks to the use of specially selected tough and elasticated materials, that keep the water at bay.

Watch the water simply run of the New Stihl X-FLEX Chainsaw Trousers.